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Morning ablutions

Hairy Peepul tree

Hairy Peepul tree

Mornings begin with a constitutional in the vicinity of the sacred peepul. Round and round the track they go in their highlighted Adidas, in twos and sometimes threes, talking not of Michelangelo but the stock market, wicked sisters-in-law and the price of onions.

The streets are being swept by Har Chandi and her team.

Har Chandi-

Har Chandi- “God’s Moon”

Her name means God’s Moon, but she has become old in just the year since I last saw her.

Dogs have their maids who take them for a walk.

Doggy with coat

Doggy with coat

Every single car has its own dedicated driver who gives it a shampoo and polish each morning.

lovingly cared for

lovingly cared for

The lawn is weeded by the mali.P1000713

Meanwhile the children who aren’t at school enjoy the flowers.P1000699P1000702


Mother watches nearby.P1000701

Father is on the scaffolding building another monstrosity. Most houses are being bulldozed to make room for apartment buildings. Each flat sells for £600,000, but there isn’t enough power or water.P1000709


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  • Siddo February 11, 2012, 11:22 am

    This was truly magnificent!

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