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fave caffs (7) Oxforks


Yes, it’s a chandelier- made up of forks. Oxford/Oxfork, geddit?

Catchy name, catchy caff.P1010646P1010645Oxforks has the homey, mum’s kitchen kind of appeal which is so in fashion. Bill’s aspires to the image,  but is corporate and a chain. Oxforks is intimate, personal,  more organic than most, and I don’t mean in just a food way: it feels like the people who run it care about what they’re offering. The food is good and wholesome and the breakfasts are huge and special. They do a big English veggie one, lovely toast, excellent flat whites. Their cakes are exceptional. Try the chewy giant flapjack, which has hardly any oats but is crammed with seeds and has the hue of a newly hatched conker.

Oxforks is always full, so get there early (they open at 10). You may have to share a table, but in democratic Magdalen Road it is somehow appropriate.P1010656





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