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fave caffs (4): Zappi’s

A modern ethic

A modern ethic


Bike shop married to a cafe. Combinations of utilitarian/practical with no-nonsense food work well if the food has some heart and the utility is gritty and functional- eating to live and all that. Zappi’s on St Michael Street in the centre of Oxford offers refreshment in a brightly lit space upstairs. Sit and read the paper in peace and savour the best coffee in town.

Dan and Dan are perfectionists who’ve mastered the art of barista to a T. They know the necessity of gauging atmospheric pressure (humid/dry) and adjusting the grind of the beans, which have to be ground fresh every time. They know the importance of  the correct measure (16 mm to a double shot) and the indispensibility of the freshest high quality milk, to be steamed correctly  to 60C (they choose Cravendale because it homogenizes well above the more p.c. organic). And their beans for the moment are the Mahogany blend from El Salvador, Guatemala and Brazil, supplied by Dominic Boyett of  UE Coffee Roasters in Witney.


Coffee needs respect. Dan making a perfect flat white (Australian in origin)


flat white with the sweetest nuttiest flavour you’ll find anywhere short of Monmouth Coffee in Covent Garden


Dan, Dan and their coffee supplier (UE from Witney)






nothing fancy, but very pleasant nonetheless









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