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Prades Farmers’ Market- the Day before the Election

2011-05-06 09.56.33

Carrot haired boy inscribes the fate of the nation on a plane tree trunk. Is his prediction for Superman Sarko to win the day, or will M. Hollandaise sauce the goose ?

2011-05-06 09.46.36


Will there  be honey still  for tea, or will the masses take to stale cake on Monday?

2011-05-06 09.47.28

Is honey to vinegar as miraculous as water to wine?

2011-05-06 09.54.34

The genial shepherd Ignaczy who, with his wife Montzy (Montserrat- a proud Spanish Catalan) make this fine Tome,or ewe’s milk cheese. The sheep are grazed on the grassy uplands of St Michel de Cuxa. Good with bio or non-bio red



2011-05-06 09.50.19

The beautiful Adama who farms a garden of Eden, producing apples, strawberries, raspberries and bottles pear, apricot and apple juice..




Montzy's cheese

Montzy’s cheese

magic mirror

magic mirror

2011-05-06 09.55.43



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  • siddo May 7, 2012, 7:59 pm

    Lovely pictures!

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